Leoangelo L. Reyes


I feel that visual art is an important human tradition and should be accessible in the public sphere of society, at the very least to learn about one's self and others in an abstract way using meaningful visual dialogue. My name is LeoAngelo and my goal is to learn the importance of exchanging and synthesizing visual art in as many ways as I can. There is so much to learn everywhere and in such a diverse environment being able to see things in a different way can lead to amazing discoveries and understanding, rather than passing generalizations. I often play with visual narratives and a lot of my work has base human feeling, from different levels of humor in doodles, to a quiet plein-air painting, lighthearted public work, and anything arbitrary using fantasy or mythology. My work is explorative, but what stays constant is that I make an effort to communicate honest and varying emotion in all my work.


San Diego, CA 92126
United States





Illustration, plein-air, fantasy art, doodles.


Painting, climbing, archery, thinking, reading, friending, listening, running, drawing