Leoangelo L. Reyes

Illustrator/Painter San Diego, CA

As an illustrator I am a clear and effective visual communicator and as a painter I strive for something more elusive in feeling.

There is a range of expression that I use as a vehicle for moods; from silly humor in doodles, lighthearted public work, allegorical themes in painting mythology, and sentimental feelings in portraiture.

Commonly I’ve been hired for portraits. Drawing/painting portraits from life and in various traditional mediums is something I really love. It takes awhile in not only capturing life, but also recognizing and allowing life in the piece as so it’s not just a still picture. The way I delicately render the subject with flowing lines that follow the form and pull the forms from the dark while allowing a hazy openness is in my way of visually depicting a feeling of memory.


portraits doodles illustration